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Galen McCarthy Owner of DragonAir Custom airbrushing says:

I am looking forward to being at these competitions this summer! I will spread the word!

Mike and Emily Reck says:

We are having mopeanddope pork roasts for our Daughters Birthday. They smoked the meat for over 8 hours and it is mouth watering. They provide fast quality service and the meat is always top quality. Mopeanddopes RIB are the BEST That we have ever eaten. The Best Meat in Town !!!!!

Ryan and Lynn says:

We just had Thanksgiving at our home. We had the awesome Mope and Dope cook our turkey roast for us! It was amazing! They had it all cooked and ready for us to serve. They made our Holiday SO much easier! Our family is still calling me and talking about it today! Great job guys!!! We recommend Mope and Dope to EVERYONE!!!

AnTom Otterdahl Construction says:

We recently had Mope & Dope smoke some beef roasts,pork ribs and pork roasts for our company party and were blown away !! by how flavorful and tender all of it was! They Will Be doing more for us in the future. Thanks Andy.

Galen McCarthy says:

We had Kevin come down to the Jackson Fire Dept and he smoked 100 pork chops, 10 racks of ribs, pork loin, and some roast beef. It was UNBELIEVABLE!!! The meat was so good, there was not much left but bones. Also his famous baked beans were a hit too!